Biology Internships Around the World

Biology Internships Around the World

The world of biology is vast, from plants, to oceans, to animals and more, this field has several avenues that are applicable in so many different ways, all around the world. If you’ve just graduated or are in the midst of earning a biology degree, there are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to finding the path that’s right for you. Many institutions are looking for applicants who have experience, but when there are so many different kinds of biology, how can you earn experience that is versatile, teaches you fundamental aspects of working in the biology field and can help you learn more about your own preferences and interests while opening up future employment opportunities? The answer is participating in a biology internship!




 The Possibilities Are Out There

When trying to locate the one that fits your needs, first you must specify what you are looking for in regards to exact field, desired environment, credits, compensation or cost and of course time duration. Narrowing down these factors will help you figure out which program, and thusly which institution and country is the best fit for you. If you don’t have a specific direction or passion just yet, try to choose a country you are interested in traveling to, or perhaps a singular criteria such as cost or time duration, to help you taper down your options. The diversity of biology field means that you can find opportunities in almost any country in the world. 

Below are just a few of the many biology related internships that exist out there in our great wide world.






In major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and even Perth, you will surely be able to find opportunities through the biology departments at major universities such as RMIT, in Melbourne, or at The Flinders School of Biology located in Adelaide. This university program is focused on marine biology but delves into knowledge of biodiversity, ecology, molecular biology and more! World Internships has programs that would be a good match for individuals who already bear an undergraduate degree to pursue an internship working with research labs. The World Internships organization is an internship agency that helps place those looking for internships with proper programs, so rather than specifying an institution that you will be working with, their service is generalized for the overall field and thus provides you with as many possible internships that suit your criteria. Finding internships through agencies typically includes a fee, but this fee is all-inclusive for the program, transportation, housing and many other necessary details to ensure smooth sailing for your time abroad. 

Australia is a very special destination to further your biology studies as it has such unique biodiversity. The medical and science-tech fields are also quickly advancing and in need of biologists to help research towards important and potentially life altering developments.





Ireland is another remarkable location where you can explore natural biology in Irish ecology, wildlife, marine habitats, and environmental sciences while you also have the option to intern in a more urban environment through schools such as the University of Dublin. Placement in a city like Dublin holds the potential for future connections and opportunities, while immediately being involved in important research projects ranging from chemical to molecular biology. They also have organizations that offer scholarships and student bursaries, such as The British Mycological Society Undergraduate Student Bursaries that is designated for those pursuing work in any area of mycology, and allowing them £200 per week.  Internships Ireland is another internship agency that is specialized in finding internships in Ireland, compared to World Internships, which caters to the whole world.





Are you looking to be immersed in the jungle? At Kalu Yala Entrepreneurial Internships, you actually will be living in the jungle living in thatched huts, while working as a biology intern, alongside other interns studying fields such as agriculture, farm to table culinary arts, and outdoor recreation. This conglomeration of fields is conducive to a balanced environment where everyone brings something unique to the table and it becomes evident how the different fields compliment and work together to create a beautiful result. The program focuses on flora and fauna in the area, teaching participants techniques in GIS mapping, water-testing and sustainable practices for research and management of local precious ecosystems. This internship does have a price tag attached to it, but as with most internships these days, it includes all the accommodations that you would end up paying anyway when traveling abroad such as room and food, the program just makes it easier by including transportation, equipment and extra services such as laundry and house keeping.




Wrap Up

If you are just starting to get your feet wet with work in the biology field, internships can help you figure out what works best and what really isn’t your cup of tea. Internships are for short durations of time and many employers use it as a practical interview to see your work ethic and potential contribution to their organization. Also, the way that internships are designed these days provides participants with easily accessible overseas opportunities complete with projects, accommodations and community, so even if this is your first time away form home or even first time working in a professional environment, you will be taken care of. Never fail to ask as many clarifying questions to the host organization because what you read on websites is meant to entice you and may leave out certain less appealing details. 



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