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Best Exotic Expat Job Locations Around The World


Getting a job is an immense hitch for hopeful expatriates. To extend your stay to look for work in a foreign country, most realms require an authorized work visa. You must also be able to sustain yourself for the period you will be working in the alien kingdom. Therefore, so of the countries will go to the point of making sure that your financial status is good and you can put up with the living standards without being a liability.

If you are eager in chasing your dream of living overseas; then you must have a model job idea in your mind. Many job roles are in-demand all over the world. Most cities are keenly on the lookout for skilled labor from expats. Therefore, forecasting on the carrier path you wish to take while in a foreign country is critical. The information on available jobs is available on most websites and all you need to do is search on the internet. If you are planning to work in Thailand, then you should remember that the best jobs in Thailand for foreigners are skill related." You will get tremendous incentives from most jobs in the city. They employers go an extra mile in safeguarding your well-being while you are at work.

For most employers to stand out in the job market and attract incredible talent, they offer exotic work havens. This has now become and norm and as time progresses there is the possibility of having overgenerous employee benefits in the forthcoming eras.

For that reason, we have compiled a list of the best exotic expat Job Locations here:

1. Malaysia

Malaysia is a darling with expats seeking job opportunities. Other than structural engineers which are the most sought after, pharmacists and teachers are also in huge demand. Entry level jobs in these fields really pay well. Therefore, if you possess brilliant skills in these fields, then you are, without doubt, wanted in Malaysia.

2. Costa Rica 

If you have gone head over heels with the tropical rainforest and highlands of this biodiverse country, then you must secure a job position that cannot be filled locally. You must also secure a work permit as you risk deportation if you are employed without a valid work permit. Many non-nationals in Costa Rica work in schools, teaching English as a foreign language. This can be a wonderful way to be paid in the country, as the regular hourly salary for English teachers is somewhat prolific.

3. Colombia

There are two types of work visas are accessible in Colombia. One is for temporary labor while the other one is for doing business. If you are a scientist, journalist or have special technical skills in the transportation and fishing the getting a job will be stress-free. Consequently, if a company needs to hire you, they should submit a comprehensive document showing the salary being offered, together with all taxes and clarification on why they are not employing a native. A profusion of natural wealth is one of the nation's strong point like most advanced countries.

4. Portugal

This country is well-known for its expat-friendly response. The climate and availability of numerous reactional dwellings are also one of the key factors that make Portugal a safe haven for expats. Additionally, the cost of living is reasonable and any nationality can with no trouble stay alive in this nation. In Portugal, the minimum wage is set annually at is currently at 676.67 EUR per month. Correspondingly, permanent blue-collar workers are entitled to annual additional benefits. The tourism business is significant to Portugal's economy. A range of recurrent and freelance jobs are on offer mostly in hotel and catering trade. The call center commerce has also reverberated, posing noble openings for polyglot personnel.

5. Thailand

Moving to Thailand immensely amplified over the last decade. The grass looks greener for foreigners on this part of the sphere. The most potential jobs available in the country are teaching, real estate jobs, diving instructor, international developers, and hotelier jobs. That said, these jobs are at all times a great starting point and a way to settle down in Thailand fairly fast if you are at the end of your tether for a change.


If you are interested in taking an international job, ensure you negotiate a good relocation package that will comfortably cover the projected cost of living. Various states have different rules when it comes to work-life. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with all the crucial information before traveling. This to avoid being sent back to your country due to lack of proper credentials.



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10 August 2020
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