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Benefits Of Taking An English Test To See Your Skill Levels

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English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. With as many as eighty-two (82) countries that speak English as their official language and not to count other countries all over the world, where English is not the official language, but it is considered the second language.

As an official language recognized by the United Nations, the English language is used widely for a lot of purposes, from diplomatic to academics, cultural, entertainment, and business transactions. Besides, for teachers and experts of the language, it also serves as a means of livelihood.

Wondering what you can gain from taking an English language test? Read on below to find out.

6 Benefits of Taking An English Test To See Your Skill Level

If you are planning to bank on the English language for any purpose, you should attempt as many English tests as possible to enable you to test your skills and evaluate how good you are. There are countless ways to test your English proficiency as many Institutions and bodies organize such tests.

The prominent and most popular ones are CAE (The Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English), IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), and CPE (The Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English).

There are a lot more tests that you can take, but if you want something that is globally recognized, then it is advisable to take one of the ones mentioned above.

As for the benefits of taking an English test to see your skill level, here are some of them. 

  • For Motivation And Goal Setting

The basics of an English level test is to measure one's level of understanding and mastery of the language. By taking such a test, you can know the level of skill you have, set goals, and make plans on how to improve and reach higher levels of mastery in the language.

For instance, if you take an IELTS English test, and you get a score of 3 or 4, knowing fully well that the higher scores of 6-9 are recognized as the high proficiency marks, you can easily set targets to work better to attain a higher score later on.

  • For Improved English Language Usage

When you take an English test, you get to know your skill level. Hence, you can implement the skill and proficiency that you have acquired to your practical day-to-day English language usage.

After taking the test, you should notice an improvement both in your spoken and written English. Besides, the more you put into practice all the communication skills you have acquired while preparing for the test, the better you become.

  • Learn The Right Manner Of English Usage

Before embarking on a quest to take an English language proficiency test, there must be due preparation, with rigorous studying and practicals, to make sure you pass the tests.

Going all through that exposes the student to indirectly and directly learn the right manner of language usage and application. By learning the rudiments through the use of real-life communication skills, the student gets to put into practice the things learned, such as proper essay writing skills, pronunciation skills, having a proper understanding of the meaning of various vocabularies and word registers, and so on.

  • A Boost For Further Academic Success

When learning proper English language skills, to write an English test, there is some high level of rigor, concentration, and dedication that is required from the student. Applying these qualities over time means that they become a part of the individual in the long run.

Students that take such a test will get to imbibe such qualities and apply them in studying other academic courses and excel well. For instance, research has shown that students who perform well in the academic English language tests have higher chances to perform well academically.

  • Globally Accepted Results And Certificates

Students who take English tests such as the like of IELTS, CAE, TOEFL, CPE, PTE, and others and get to pass such tests well, or meet the required skill level of the exams, have results that are globally recognized.

The candidates are also entitled to an English Language proficiency certificate from the various bodies to serve as proof of their proficiency and the skill level attained.

Having a good English test result could make all the difference when seeking international employment, especially in countries where English is the official language. Some of the fields or jobs that might demand an English test includes academic and educational institutions, government-owned agencies, business enterprises, and organizations, and so on.

  • Allows One To Stand Out

Going for an English test can help you stand out more amongst your peers. Many employers and institutions are on the lookout for individuals with English proficiency certificates from reputable English tests to hire and make them active members of their organizations. So, individuals with English Certification has an added advantage over those who don't have.


It is great to have a good knowledge of the English language, but it is better to go through a test to get an English Language certification. An English Language certification is a bonus to you in several ways. The ensuing results of the exam not only allow you to know your level of mastery but also make you stand out more amongst your peers. Not to mention that it also guarantees you an internationally recognized certificate, helps you to excel in other areas, and also serves as a motivation to learn more.

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