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9 Destinations That Are Ideal For Wheelchair-Bound Travelers


Finding out whether or not a place is suitable to travel to is a very different process for a person in a wheelchair, as it takes a lot more than a few minutes of research. To find out whether a place is truly suitable for a wheelchair traveler, you'd have to find out if the public places, the transportation, and the hotels provide you with the facilities that you need during your trip.

1. Melbourne, Australia

One of the most commonly overlooked things when checking out if a city has the accommodations required for a wheelchair traveler are the activities around. It's very important to check if there are things to do for people in wheelchairs as traveling somewhere that doesn't offer anything other than sight-seeing can get a little boring. This is not the case in Melbourne, as the city offers great accommodating facilities along with tons of activities including swimming and surfing for wheelchair travelers. Experiencing the different activities that Melbourne offers is definitely an unforgettable experience that no one should miss.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

Sand can often spell out a horrible time for a wheelchair as cleaning it up is such a tedious task. The city of Honolulu understands that very well, they offer specially designed wheelchairs that are meant for sandy areas for all wheelchair travelers. Many wheelchairs aren't meant to be taken to sandy areas so this gives wheelchair travelers easy access to the beach. If that doesn't do it for you, then you'll be glad to learn that they also offer a large variety of accommodations in hotels and public transport. The fares on public transport are also reduced to a third of their regular price for anyone with a wheelchair.

3. Vienna, Austria

Cities with a lot of slopes can be extremely annoying for people on wheelchairs as going uphill can be quite exhausting. Going back downhill can also be a little dangerous without having some help, so avoiding slopes is usually recommended for wheelchair travelers. Traveling to Vienna means you won't have to deal with any of that as the city's infrastructure is generally flat. On top of that, the curbs are also very pleasant to stroll on as the city chipped off the old cobblestones and replaced them to make smoother ways. Vienna also has a ton of museums, galleries, and outdoor attractions that are all wheelchair-accessible, making it an ideal place to visit.

4. Tennessee, U.S.A

Paying attention to the small details that people in wheelchairs need is something that Nashville, Tennessee excels at. Some hotels there have built the perfect getaway location for anyone in a wheelchair as they offer grab bars to make it safer to get in and out of the shower, along with roll-in showers to make life as convenient as it could possibly be for someone in a wheelchair. It goes without saying that if they offer that much in their bathrooms, they're going to be offering plenty more around the city. If you're looking to have a laid back vacation, then visiting Nashville, Tennessee is definitely recommended.

5. London, England

One of the largest concerns when visiting a big city is public transportation, as a person in a wheelchair requires more time and space to get situated. That's what makes London such a great place to visit, as the city's public transport is well-prepared for the frequent wheelchair traveler. All the black cabs, buses, and trains are equipped with the right access for wheelchairs, meaning that you could hail a cab at any time and just stroll right in. This makes it super convenient for people with wheelchair models that are more time-consuming to assemble/disassemble.

6. Venice, Italy

Going on a romantic getaway to Venice is always an option for wheelchair travelers as the entire city is very accessible. With a wheelchair ramp next to every set of stairs, anyone could navigate around the city with ease. The most commonly asked question is if the boats there have the necessary accommodations required for a wheelchair traveler and the answer is yes, but not all of them. Both the hotels and the restaurants in Venice also have the accommodations required to make them easily accessible, making it one of the more popular places to visit for anyone in a wheelchair.

7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

With all the extraordinary architectural buildings that Dubai has, it's bound to be easily wheelchair accessible, and it is. Whether you're visiting the iconic Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Mall, you're going to have a pleasant time strolling around. Not only are most parts of the city fully accommodating, but they also offer a variety of wheelchairs in case you encounter any issues with yours. Visiting Dubai gives you nothing less than absolute comfort throughout your trip, especially since more than 90% of the city is accessible via wheelchair.

8. Berlin, Germany

While navigating around Berlin via taxi might be impossible, using the city's subway trains helps wheelchair travelers get around with ease. Berlin contains countless historically significant museums and all of them offer easy access. Unlike most places, Berlin offers so many hotels that have wheelchair accommodations, giving travelers the ability to pick and choose the best deal for them instead of settling for an expensive option since it's the only one that gives the accommodations required.

9. Barcelona, Spain

Visiting the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona is a must if you're planning on visiting Spain, especially considering that entry for anyone in a wheelchair is absolutely free. Barcelona has a widely known reputation for being one of the most wheelchair-accessible cities in Europe, mostly because of the variety of accommodations offered on public transport, hotels, and public areas. Getting into very old areas like the Barcelona Cathedral might be a little more difficult though, as it was built around 600 years ago and they didn't account for wheelchairs back then.

Figuring out which destination is the most ideal one for you requires quite a bit of research as every wheelchair-bound traveler requires different accommodations. Once you figure out which place you'd like to visit, make sure you contact your hotel and inform them about any needs you may have beforehand as most places would gladly help you out with whatever you require.

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