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8 Ways To Prepare Yourself To Quality For International Scholarships


Despite several reasons why you should study abroad, many people believe that studying in a foreign country is impossible, especially if you have no money to fund your education. However, this is a common misconception among many aspiring international students. Luckily, studying abroad doesn't need to be expensive. There are hundreds to thousands of scholarship grants that any interested student can avail of.

However, just like your entrance examinations, getting an international scholarship requires a lot of preparation to qualify. Fortunately, many ways can help you prepare for this undertaking. So, keep reading this article to learn some ways to prepare yourself to qualify for international scholarships.

Do Some Research

The first step is to research some important components, such as the field or subject you want to take, the university you want to attend, and which scholarship program you're applying for. For instance, these components can help you know yourself better and provide you with more insights to shape your international study journey.

Therefore, start your research now and determine which one will work best for you. With so many options to choose from, such as the best places to study abroad, you can utilize the Internet to gather relevant information and make a comparison. That way, you can find the right choice for your needs. 

Know The Scholarship Requirements

Once you have the information to the above components, the next step is to get some information to get started with the application. Check the school's or scholarship's official web page, and list down all the requirements needed to qualify for the scholarship.

Typically, you should look for some requirements, such as the required GPA (general percentage average), working experience, English language proficiency, and personal development. It's important to take these factors seriously so you'll know what to prepare to qualify for the scholarship. 

Improve Your Grade At School

Most scholarship programs require high academic background or a GPA of at least 3.0. Thus, if you want to become eligible for the scholarship you're applying for, start improving your school grades.

To do that, you should strive hard to attend your classes and catch up with the lessons you missed previously. Find time to study your subjects efficiently and always be prepared for the examinations. These things can help you get good credit in school and have a good start in applying for a scholarship to study abroad. 

Participate In Social Activities

Your participation in different social activities is one of the personal development criteria being assessed when applying for an international scholarship grant. Realistically speaking, social activities can boost your curriculum vitae and knowledge. These allow you to broaden your understanding and enhance your skills, which are all necessary to be eligible for a scholarship. In other words, the more you participate in social activities, the more you convince the scholarship committee to grant the program for you.

Obtain A Good Score In IELTS Or TOEFL

Another way to prepare yourself to qualify for an international scholarship program is to have a good score in IELTS or TOEFL. Either of these tests is required by most scholarship programs to determine whether you're proficient in speaking the English language or you have some language barriers.

However, if you want to ensure your eligibility for international scholarship programs, it's recommended to do both tests during your preparation period. Make sure you review the coverage of the tests so you can get a high score. If possible, practice your English skills regularly to prepare yourself for the examination day. Remember, the more you practice your English skills, the higher your chances of obtaining a good score. 

Focus On The Scholarship Application Essay Topic

Most international scholarship programs require applicants to complete an essay. This essay can be one of the requirements to determine your eligibility for a scholarship to study abroad. Hence, you should pay attention to answering the application essay.

In other words, you should take the essay seriously by carefully analyzing the topic. You can do this by identifying all the keywords, understanding them, and strictly sticking to the question when you answer. That way, you can answer the essay with flying colors, thereby increasing your chances of getting approved for a scholarship grant to study abroad. 

Make Your Resume Stand Out

Apart from the application essay, having a well-written resume can be another way to prepare yourself to qualify for an international scholarship. Your resume will showcase who you are and your achievements, among many others. In short, it can be one of the reasons why you deserve to be awarded a scholarship to study abroad.

Writing concisely is the key if you want to make your resume stand out in the eyes of the scholarship committee. Make sure to highlight all international experiences you had for the past few years as these can strengthen your eligibility for an international scholarship.

And, since your resume and cover letter go hand in hand, be sure to pay attention to your cover letter. If possible, avoid using a generic cover letter that talks about how wonderful a student you are. Instead, analyze how you're planning to apply the lessons you'll learn abroad into your life. By doing this, you can make your cover letter more personal and enticing.

Lastly, when writing your resume and cover letter for your international scholarship application, research how the foreign country creates and organizes them. If you believe you have great language skills, you can write them in the language of the country where you're eyeing to study. 

Check Your References

If you're looking to qualify for a scholarship program to study abroad, you should also choose your references wisely. For students like you, you might want to ask your professors' assistance to recommend you for a scholarship. Be sure your references know you very well, as well as your ability to finish your international study with flying colors.

So, before the application, prepare your list of references. Talk to each one of them and ask whether they can be a reliable reference for your application. 


Indeed, preparing yourself can be crucial to the success of your application process. If you're well-prepared, you have better chances of studying abroad without worrying about finances. Therefore, if you're planning to pursue your studies internationally, keep these preparation tips in mind so you know how to make yourself eligible for an international scholarship. 

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