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6 Ways to Save Money When you Learn Chinese in China


How to make your Mandarin Chinese learning experience in China more cost-effective? Is pinching your pennies the only way to save money? Let's take a look at the following six ways to save money when you learn Chinese in China.

1. Choose a Budget-friendly Language School & Destination

Considering that not all private language schools in China can provide accommodation for free, make your budget plan and do some research before you decide on which language school and city to learn Chinese in China. If the tuition fee can cover accommodation and three meals per day, then you can save a considerable quantity of money from the daily expense already.

It could be even better if you choose a city that costs less money on everything. That means you may choose a less crowded and less popular destination for learning and living. You may pick up cities such as Kunming, Chengdu, rather than other the top tier cities.

Keats School, located in Kunming China, could be the best choice for you to learn Chinese in China. Their tuition fee includes your Chinese language courses, single room accommodation and three meals a day. Besides that, they also offer free access to different facilities such as the library and the fitness center at Keats.

Kunming is also an ideal destination to fulfill your dream of learning Chinese. It's known for mild climate and least-polluted air, which make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Living costs are relatively low in Kunming compared with those of other major cities in China. Therefore you don't have to worry about too much extra spending outside of school.

It's no doubt that you could save a bunch of money when you choose learn Chinese with Keats.

2. Try to Live Like a Local

You might experience some hard time and cultural shocks when settling down in a pure Chinese language environment. It takes time but you will get used to it finally if you can give yourself a little patience, but keep your curiosity about new things.

Once you're getting used to local culture, it would be much easier for you to live like a local. Dining at Chinese restaurants, especially home running restaurants, when you hang out with friends can help you save lots of money. In China, there are so many amazing foods for your choice, so you can still enjoy delicious food while paying less on your meal.

Online shopping is also another way that can help you save money when you learn Chinese in China. E-commerce is booming and getting very convenient and reliable in China. Hence, E-shopping could be a cheaper and easier method to get whatever you want. Taobao is the most popular platform for online shopping; you can find almost everything on it. Xianyu is an online platform for trading second-hand stuff between individuals; you can negotiate for a good price on the platform directly as well.

Western lifestyle, western foods and western stuff can also be easily accessed in China nowadays. However, it costs higher even you could make considerable wages here. So try to live like a local, it would be helpful to save money when you learn Chinese in China.

What's more, through living like a local, you could experience the authentic Chinese life-style and get better understanding about Chinese culture. The most exciting part is that you can experience those characteristic folk's customs and celebrate traditional Chinese festivals with local friends. 

3. Travel by Taking Public Transportation

The public traffic system is well constructed and developed in China, especially in those big cities or capital cities. Taking public transportation can not only be economical but also an environmentally friendly way of going out. Since public transportation is quite handy in urban districts, it would always be ideal no matter which public transportation you pick to take. Bicycle, bus, underground and taxi are all available for helping you keep the budget. As the rising of shared bicycle industry, it's even getting much more convenient and cheaper.

4. Live a Simple Life

Keeping your life simple can also help to save money when you learn Chinese in China. One of the biggest problems of town-dwellers is that they purchased too much unnecessary stuff. Trying to avoid storing or buying too much daily use articles, but only keep a fair enough supply. Living in a frugal style can help you learn to make life simple and easy, which is also beneficial for maintaining a clear mind.

5. Track Your Expense and Save Money Regularly

Most people pay less attention to expense amount and wouldn't track their daily expense, so that leads to unnecessary payments unconsciously. Cultivating the habit of recording daily expenditure can help you cut down unnecessary costs. With the decrease in your expenses, you would have money left. It would be great if you can save some money, even just in small amount regularly from the surpluses. Just like the saying " A penny saved is a penny earned".

6. Take Part in Free Weekend Excursions and Cultural Events

Hanging out and travelling could also be costly. However, if you're a student of Keats School, you could save a bunch of money on this item. Keats School organizes free weekend excursions for students on Saturday. Other cultural events, such as Chinese tea culture experience, paper cutting, paper folding, Mahjong playing and Chinese cooking are also available for free. After class, you could take part in these colorful activities with an economical price or even for free.

In order to help you achieve the best Chinese learning experience, Keats School also holds free language exchange event on every Wednesday and movie night on every Thursday. Both events are free so you could save money on both learning and entertainment.

By following the above tips, I'm sure you could save a considerable amount of money with no need of selling all your stuff, eating unhealthy foods or never going out for fun. No one wants to live in such a depressive way just for saving some cash.

You would find these ways of saving money to be useful and helpful when you learn Chinese in China no matter which city you're living in. What's more, it's also another path for you to experience the authentic local culture and lifestyle. Hope you could enjoy learning Chinese and save some money at the same time after reading this.

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