10 Things That Might Happen Upon Returning to a “Developed Country”

10 Things That Might Happen Upon Returning to a “Developed Country”

Believe it or not, there are still some places in the world without the option to take a hot shower. There are still some places without high-speed Internet connection, or Internet connection at all. There are even some places where wheat bread is a luxury commodity. Gasp!

If you’re from a nation considered “developed”, for lack of a better term, and you have either lived in or traveled to a “developing country”, this list of 10 things that might happen upon returning to a land with endless cereal aisles is especially for you. 

If you haven’t had the chance to travel to or live in a place with a little less comfort and convenience yet, here’s an idea of what you might go through after venturing back:




1. You might cry in line at Starbucks because you can clearly order a latte without having any difficulties asking for modifications.




2. You might find yourself complaining about the prices of “exotic” fruits like mangos. Five dollars for one mango could buy about 50 mangos elsewhere.




3. The cereal aisle might seem like heaven on earth. Really, any aisle in a grocery store might seem like heaven on earth.




4. Cheese might become the biggest part of your diet even if it was never a large slice before. Dairy deprivation is a serious issue. Processed cheddar cheese slices just aren’t the same as a good hunk of Gouda.




5. You might have almost forgotten wheat bread is a thing. Just kidding. You never actually forgot. You just tried to convince yourself white bread was the only option in the entire world because it was the only option for you.



6. You can take a shower. A HOT shower. And there are toilets. Flush toilets. Actual bathrooms exist, too. You might take hour-long hot showers to make up for all those 30-second cold bucket baths you had to endure. 




7. You might buy a small, cheap bottle of liquor and chug it before going out with friends because paying $15 USD for a cocktail is ridiculous.




8. You might find excuses such as cows blocking the road, the bus was an hour late, or the streets were flooded just don’t work for being late anymore.




9. Your Facebook newsfeed no longer looks like a bunch of blank boxes filled with question marks. The page loads and it loads quickly. You might actually be able to post a comment or like someone’s status. 




10. Three days after returning you might be ready to go back to a simpler, more intimate way of life. Cold bucket baths, processed cheese sandwiches, confused looks when you order milk with your coffee, and all. 

Experiencing life in a “developing country” is an incredible, perspective-changing ride. And it makes returning “home” an overwhelmingly beautiful, cross-cultural experience full of hilarious realizations and gluttonous dairy binges. That’s if you can still stomach lactose.



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07 October 2022

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