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10 Awesome Things to See on the USA's East Coast

10 Awesome Things to See on the USA's East Coast

The East coast of the United States holds some of the oldest history of the nation, from its humble beginnings as an English colony, to the revolutionary war and emergence as a sovereign nation. For those who are looking to live and study abroad in the United States, there is no better place to get a sense of its roots. 

Full of varying European cultures, offering an eclectic mix of landscapes and major cities, the eastern coast of the USA offers tons of amazing things to do. That said, we’ve narrowed it down to ten awesome things to do in ten of the states that make up this part of the nation: 






Capital: Augusta

Largest city: Portland

Population: 1.3 million

Maine is known for, among other things, its amazing scenery consisting of a rocky, rugged coastline, endless forests, and rolling mountains. One of the most beautiful times to experience Maine is in the autumn months when the leaves are changing from green to vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. 

Spend a week in the Autumn in Maine. View the leaves of change, drive along the coast, boat through the waterways, and eat some of Maine’s famous lobster and clams. 


New Hampshire

Capital: Concord

Largest city: Manchester

Population: 1.3 million

New Hampshire is another naturally beautiful state. In addition to a love of maple syrup and prevalence of county fairs, New Hampshire’s Lakes Region is a popular place to spend the summers. 

Additionally, this state has a heavy Scottish influence and even has its own registered tartan. In the autumn, New Hampshire hosts the New Hampshire Highland Games. Don’t miss this event! 



Capital: Montpelier

Largest city: Burlington

Population: 626,630

Vermont is the second least populous state in the United States, and the 6th smallest in land area. That said, Vermont’s residence are rated as peaceful, healthy, and green-conscious. Though landlocked, this state has a lot to offer. While in Vermont, enjoy the greenery and attend the Vermont Maple Festival and see why Vermont is the USA’s largest producer of maple syrup. 






Capital: Boston

Largest city: Boston

Population: 6.7 million

Massachusetts has played a huge role in American history, with Plymouth serving as the landing destination for the pilgrims of the Mayflower in 1620. This state is also home to the famous Harvard University and historically significant Boston Tea Party. 

While in Boston, learn more about American history and culture by visiting Plymouth rock, among many other historical sites. 


Rhode Island 

Capital: Providence

Largest city: Providence

Population: 1 million

Rhode Island's official nickname is "The Ocean State" given its coastal area and surroundings, and also serves as the USA’s smallest state in area. Spend time on the coast while in this state, particularly Newport Harbor, a local favorite. 



Capital: Hartford

Largest city: Bridgeport

Population: 3.6 million

Connecticut, like much of New England and the East Coast in general, holds a strong maritime tradition. While in Connecticut, give a famous slice a try - a style of pizza that the United States is famous for, with a thinner crust, added oregano, and the removal of mozzarella. Order the clam pizza at Frank Pepe Pizzeria, which has been called the best slice in America. 


New York




Capital: Albany

Largest city: New York City

Population: 19.7 million

New York holds the largest city in the United States - the “big apple”. Though there’s tons to see in this vibrant city, it might come as a surprise to some that New York is also a major producer of wine. 

While in New York, pay a visit to Long Island's North Fork which has over 30 wineries offering cheap tours and tastings. 


New Jersey  

Capital: Trenton

Largest city: Newark

Population: 8.7 million

Chances are, if you’re into pop culture at all, you may have heard of the Jersey shore. Though it may have been made infamous by the show, the beaches in New Jersey can be plenty of fun! Head to Atlantic City in the summer time for some fun in the sun - it’s like Las Vegas on the beach!






Capital: Dover

Largest city: Wilmington

Population: 917,092

Delaware is the USA’s first official state, with a monument to prove it. Delaware is also known as an excellent beach destination in the summer months. Head to Rehoboth Beach, the self-described “nation's summer capital” to enjoy the charming town and tax-free shopping. 



Capital: Annapolis

Largest city: Baltimore

Population: 5.9 million

Maryland is known for its crabs, as well as picturesque forests and beautiful bays. One of these bays is the famous Chesapeake Bay, a place loved for fishing, crabbing, swimming, boating, and kayaking. Check it out when visiting Maryland! 

In closing, the East Coast of the USA is home to the humble beginnings of what has grown to be a vast nation, which hosts the second highest number of students studying abroad in the world (after England). If you’re considering a move to the USA, look at the East Coast! 

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