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10 Awesome Things to Do in Canada’s 10 Provinces

10 Awesome Things to Do in Canada’s 10 Provinces

If you’re considering studying or working abroad in Canada, you may be unsure how to choose where to go in the second largest country in the world. Each province has its own unique draw and reasons for visiting or living there. One thing is for certain: Canada is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, full of friendly people and many activities to enjoy. The following are ten reasons to visit each of the ten provinces in Canada:



Capital: Edmonton

Largest city: Calgary

Population: 4.1 million


What to do: Summer is a fantastic time to be in this province due to all of the festivals, the most famous of which are the Calgary Stampede and Edmonton Folk Festival. Both give an opportunity to find your inner cowboy and enjoy the rodeo and folk culture of this oil-rich province. 


British Columbia




Capital: Victoria

Largest city: Vancouver

Population: 4.4 million


What to do: British Columbia is an outdoor-lovers’ paradise, with some of the most beautiful lakes and mountains this world has to offer. Go skiing in the mountains, sea kayaking or sailing around the fjords, hiking, horseback riding, and rafting.  



Capital: Winnipeg

Largest city: Winnipeg

Population: 1.2 million


What to do: Manitoba is the perfect example of European, Aboriginal and Métis cultures melding together. The Winnipeg Folk Festival is a good example of showcasing all of these cultures through food, dance, and folk music, with an emphasis on green living and sustainability. 


New Brunswick

Capital: Fredericton

Largest city: Saint John

Population: 751,000


What to do: This province is all about forestry and seaborne ventures. Take a scenic drive through the Fundy Coastal Drive, Acadian Coastal Drive, River Valley Scenic Drive, Miramichi River Route and/or the Appalachian Range Route. With so much beauty to see, if you’re a tree-lover, you’re sure to enjoy New Brunswick


Newfoundland and Labrador

Capital: St. John's

Largest city: St. John's

Population: 514,536


What to do: This province has a strong Scottish, Irish and English heritage and was actually the only province not to have a hockey team, easily the biggest and most popular sport in the rest of the country. When in Newfoundland, go see a Rugby or Soccer game, two huge sports in this province. 


Nova Scotia

Capital: Halifax

Largest city: Halifax 

Population: 921,727


What to do: Tourism in Nova Scotia is centered around culture, coastline, and beautiful scenery. A large number of famous musicians hail from this province. There are also many historic sites such as the Habitation at Port-Royal, the Fortress of Louisbourg, and Citadel Hill (Fort George) in Halifax. Outdoor lovers will also enjoy the Bay of Fundy, Kejimkujik, and Cape Breton Highlands protected areas. 






Capital: Toronto

Largest city: Toronto

Population: 12.6 million


What to do: Things to do in Ontario are pretty much endless given it’s the nation’s biggest city. Given this, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from, a couple of which are checking out the beautiful buildings in Toronto and attending a hockey game. 


Prince Edward Island

Capital: Charlottetown

Largest city: Charlottetown

Population: 140,204


What to do: Water sports are a big draw to this particular province, especially in the summer months. It’s also quite musical, hosting a jazz festival and the art-centered Charlottetown Festival. 



Capital: Quebec City

Largest city: Montreal

Population: 7.9 million


What to do: Quebec is unique as it’s the center of French-speaking culture in the Americas, with a nice melding of Aboriginal culture as well. Quebec has all kinds of cultural and artistic innovation (as an example, it’s the birthplace of Cirque du Soleil). A very musical province, both folk and modern music can be found. Have some traditional food, try famous poutine, and attend a show. 






Capital: Regina

Largest city: Saskatoon

Population: 1 million


What to do: Saskatchewan has many cultural and heritage sites, as well as Grasslands National Park, Prince Albert National Park, and Fort Walsh for outdoors lovers. 

In Conclusion: There’s no denying that there’s plenty to do in Canada, and one really can’t go wrong as far as choosing a province. The rich culture and landscapes that vary so much from coast to coast are certainly a draw for tourists, students, and those looking for employment in Canada. Make the most of your time there by checking out the Northern Territories of Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon as well!  

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